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Andrew is a passionate, growth-oriented executive with a track-record of success and an entrepreneurial, innovative perspective. In 15+ years leading a fast-growing, uniquely positioned pavement business, Andrew understands the importance of balancing a “boot strapping” mentality with the empathy, culture-focus, and energy to grow all elements of the business sustainably. 
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M // Mentality of success

Mentality of success to identify where you are, where you want to go, and how we get there 

U // Understanding

Balancing daily priorities and constant improvement, participating in execution every step of the way 

S // Structure, not limitations

Adding structure and discipline to standard operating procedures, without limiting growth opportunities

T // Time: face-to-face

Time with you and your team to discuss the issues and create an actionable plan 

O // Orchestrated

Orchestrated, natural schedules with detailed tracking to know what was done for every hour 

Discipline ≠ Constraints

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Growth Concerns​

  • Analyzing the ideal customers and ideal projects so that the company can focus on growing appropriately and profitably, rather than casting an unnecessarily wide net
  • Create tracking mechanisms and metrics to ensure proper understanding of the sales pipeline and full visibility into the areas that need more attention to hit goals
  • Create revenue goals based on existing costs structures (beyond break-even) and work backward to ensure proper goal-setting at each preceding pipeline stage

Capacity Challenges​

  • Analyzing the existing structure to determine if past growth in overhead or capacity has resulted in return on investment yet OR what growth in capacity is necessary to keep up with the increases in volume
  • Creating Standard Operating Procedures that are on-brand for the company (i.e., the PIERCE way) and also duplicatable/scalable as the company continues to grow
  • Developing and coaching key operations managers to become the leaders of a new way of doing business at a higher expectation
  • Setup sustainable training mechanisms (Know, Show, Do, Review) to provide continuous reinforcement of “the right way” to do every process in the company

Key Person Dependency

  • Creating sustainable processes for reporting to allow the “Key Person” (KP) to get the appropriate information in a concise, consolidated, and timely manner
  • Identifying agreeable metrics that translate the KP’s “gut feeling” into tangible, real numbers … reported regularly and proactively (often via dashboards or scorecards)
  • Developing and coaching second-level people (maybe executives; maybe just managers for now) into autonomous leaders that can take the reigns more and more over time