Who Is Andrew Musto?


Andrew is a passionate, growth-oriented executive with a track-record of success and an entrepreneurial, innovative perspective. In 15+ years leading a fast-growing, uniquely positioned pavement business, Andrew understands the importance of balancing a “boot strapping” mentality with the empathy, culture-focus, and energy to grow all elements of the business sustainably. 

Understanding What You're Up Against

Key Person Dependency

Do you feel like the business would fail without you? Or maybe you’re lucky enough to have a couple of key people...

How can we make the company “run itself” with sustainable processes and sustainable people into the future?

Capacity Challenges

The irons are hot right now. We are experiencing significant growth and opportunity in the economy.

But are your operations processes and capacity built-out to handle that potential growth? How do we put the systems in place to service the upcoming opportunity while still being profitable?

Growth Concerns

You’ve spent time on your operations and making sure that the ship is setup to sail in any weather. Now we need to find the right headwind!

How do we leverage our existing, capable capacity to strategically (and intelligently) grow with the right type of new/expanded business.

Andrew's Proven Track Record



More than 800% growth over 16-years – including overcoming the challenges at multiple growth stages – to eventually over $60M, six times earning recognition on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing private companies.


Experience expanding a team from 30 employees to 175. Growing a Network of contractors to 220+ companies combining to over $1.3B in revenue annually.


Successfully led the company’s cultural transformation from self performing contractor in an old-school industry to a professionalized operation delivering consistent results nationwide

Founder's Mentality

Maintaining the culture the Founder intended. Balancing a boot-strapping approach while instituting important measures and systems. Never losing the nimble approach to opportunities but also never losing control throughout exponential growth.

Honors & Affiliations



Musto Management

We’re here to kick the tires and get real results.

Growth Concerns​

  • Analyzing the ideal customers and ideal projects so that the company can focus on growing appropriately and profitably, rather than casting an unnecessarily wide net
  • Create tracking mechanisms and metrics to ensure proper understanding of the sales pipeline and full visibility into the areas that need more attention to hit goals
  • Create revenue goals based on existing costs structures (beyond break-even) and work backward to ensure proper goal-setting at each preceding pipeline stage

Capacity Challenges​

  • Analyzing the existing structure to determine if past growth in overhead or capacity has resulted in return on investment yet OR what growth in capacity is necessary to keep up with the increases in volume
  • Creating Standard Operating Procedures that are on-brand for the company (i.e., the PIERCE way) and also duplicatable/scalable as the company continues to grow
  • Developing and coaching key operations managers to become the leaders of a new way of doing business at a higher expectation
  • Setup sustainable training mechanisms (Know, Show, Do, Review) to provide continuous reinforcement of “the right way” to do every process in the company

Key Person Dependency

  • Creating sustainable processes for reporting to allow the “Key Person” (KP) to get the appropriate information in a concise, consolidated, and timely manner
  • Identifying agreeable metrics that translate the KP’s “gut feeling” into tangible, real numbers … reported regularly and proactively (often via dashboards or scorecards)
  • Developing and coaching second-level people (maybe executives; maybe just managers for now) into autonomous leaders that can take the reigns more and more over time